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2007-09-13 00:47:55 by NJDEATHBLOOMS

Well, i'm getting in to doing voice work now, as i can do many many impressions, and if not, i can approximate. i can also do lots of original voices. If anyone needs a voice artist or what have you, just let me know. i'll be glad to help. :D


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2007-09-20 01:18:19

While I don't really need a voice actor for anything, posting samples of your voice would, y'know, help. How else would people know how you sound if you don't show us? Good luck with that by the way, and keep making good music.

By the way, what exactly is "ECCFDS "? I googled it and came with nothing.


it's eternal champions: challenge from the dark side. and ive been off this site forever...would add clips to my posts but i #1) dont know if i can do that #2) don't know how #3) would feel stupid uploading a voice impersonation to the audio portal and #4) am lazy. lol.