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Entry #1

I'm back.

2007-08-14 03:14:09 by NJDEATHBLOOMS

I highly doubt anyone remembers me, but i'm back from the hospital now. Massive injuries, i'm still pretty banged up. It's kind of given me a new outlook on life. Perhaps i should change my aura from evil to good. Nah. Evil is cooler. Anyway, i'm back reviewing away again, and i'll probably add some more audio soon. No flash. I suck at it. So i criticize. Yay. :D Good to be back, everyone.

Joanime, Call me. ;)


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2007-08-14 04:45:04

You've got to be the oldest person here! o_0
Well I can't blame you, NG is too awesome =]

I hope you're ok whoever you are


2007-08-14 16:28:53

Hes the not oldest one here. One, Im the same age, and two, have you not forgotten about grandpaNG? the 80 year old Newgrounder who likes flashes and being flashed? Well, You better cacth up on your reading.

Anyway, Good to hear you got out of the hospital. Evil is the new good