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I don't know exactly what i'll be doing, but i plan on releasing at least SOME stuff in 09. The time is approaching....The new stuff is coming.....after all six have risen.....ICP will still suck. Hahahahaha. >:)

Need Help?

2007-09-13 00:47:55 by NJDEATHBLOOMS

Well, i'm getting in to doing voice work now, as i can do many many impressions, and if not, i can approximate. i can also do lots of original voices. If anyone needs a voice artist or what have you, just let me know. i'll be glad to help. :D

I'm back.

2007-08-14 03:14:09 by NJDEATHBLOOMS

I highly doubt anyone remembers me, but i'm back from the hospital now. Massive injuries, i'm still pretty banged up. It's kind of given me a new outlook on life. Perhaps i should change my aura from evil to good. Nah. Evil is cooler. Anyway, i'm back reviewing away again, and i'll probably add some more audio soon. No flash. I suck at it. So i criticize. Yay. :D Good to be back, everyone.

Joanime, Call me. ;)